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Metal Detection Project

During 2018 we embarked on a collaboration with a group of local metal detecting enthusiasts who were keen to survey land in the local Threapwood area.

It should be noted that the activity of Metal Detecting is governed by the provisions of the Treasure Act and Treasure Act Code of Practice and in every case was carried out with the permission of the land owner concerned.

During the year a number of surveys in the Threapwood area were conducted with the resulting artefacts all being photographed. The images below are all courtesy of Paul Davis who is curating the finds. Just click on the thumbnail images below.



Collection of musket balls.

Front of a lead bag seal probably c1700.

Reverse of a lead bag seal c1700.

Lead seals from bags of French flour, usually mid 19th century.

Lead seals from bags of French flour, usually mid 19th century.

Collection of fob watch winders, one has the name of a local Malpas shop that was in Pump Lane. Large barrel key, used in the field to supply the workers with beer,frowned upon now.Sadly! Large livery button showing a wyvern, perhaps a local coat of arms? Spoon bowl in pewter. Medieval Spindle whorl, helped to spin the wool.   
Collection of decorative buttons Gothic Victorian Florin, Queen Elizabeth 1 Half Groat and a Victoria Sixpence. Reverse of coins on left. Georgian or earlier buckle. Pot Leg.  
Jews Harp instrument. Strap Terminus. Royal Artillery cap badge (crown detached). Military Button Lead horse & rider.  
Medieval spindle whorl. A collection of late Medieval buckles. Decorative harness or buckle attachment. George II & Victorian
Medieval Tudor rose mount probably from a horse harness.  
Letter from a printers block. Georgian and Victorian
Unusual lead trade token, unusual decoration. Queen Victoria silver sixpence made into a necklace. A William 4 sixpence bent into shape as a love token, the strong male would show his strength to his beloved by bending a sixpence and giving her the result.  
George VI and Elizabeth II sixpence. Unidentified. George III Cartwheel Penny Dated 1797 Reverse of Cartwheel (left) Coin or trade weight.  
Silver coin with the name ONEILL stamped Paupers or Fairground ring (not precious metal) Printers letter block Small trade weight Tudor Rose harness mount (bridle part)  
Large trade weight for 2 oz (actual weight 1.9 oz) Furniture Urn embellishment. Piece of a bronze pot possibly a caudron Nice pewter cutlery handle Thimble  
Unidentified small silver object Russian flax seal (usually 17th C)        









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