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During the summer of 2009 one of our local residents and Parish Councilors was circulating questionnaires inviting those of us living in and around Threapwood in South Cheshire to answer some questions as to how we would like to see our village as part of a village design statement relative to then and in the future.

One of the questions asked residents to indicate what they would like to see included in any such initiative and it came across loud and clear that a lot of people would like to know more about the history of the village. This was duly noted and names of willing potential researchers were collated and consequently in October 2009 the first meeting of The Threapwood History Group took place in the Tallarn Green Chapel rooms to discuss where and how best to develop the idea.

Since then a small committee have met regularly throughout the winter months during the first six years and have conducted interviews with local residents, who have lived in the village all of their lives and/or most of their lives – these also included an interview with an evacuee from Liverpool plus visits to local record offices as well as researching the huge influence that from 1650 until 1961 Broughton Hall in the centre of the village had on the local community and its development into what we see and know today.

Often it has been difficult to research some topics due to where the village is on the English/Welsh border where Cheshire used to meet Denbighshire, Clwyd, Flintshire and nearby Shropshire. Also Threapwood used to be a renowned area for lawlessness and for many years was ex-parochial, so outside of the law of the land, consequently it is not surprising that records for the future were not at the forefront of our predecessors minds!!

The committee’s task has been an ongoing process of collating and archiving information whilst at the same time providing an opportunity for local residents to access and learn about their village history. This has been achieved in a number of ways such as on our excellent website coupled with two Open Evenings, three Village History Walks and one afternoon spent at Broughton (Hall) House. Three years ago we spent an afternoon at The Greaves by kind permission of Bob and Shirley learning more about the varied sink holes on their land and The War Way between them and Tallarn Green. These events have given us, as researchers, the chance to showcase what we had discovered and documented during our few years of research.

At a committee meeting in November 2014 it was decided that we have completed all that can be researched, to date, and therefore we would meet in the future on an occasional basis to consider any other topics that may have been highlighted by any of ourselves and/or village members. May I, therefore, on behalf of the committee, appeal to anyone who enjoys our website that if it stimulates and encourages any additional topics or information that we could research or add to then please let me know. It is very gratifying to receive enquiries from many parts of the country and indeed the world from people who are following up links for lineage reasons and/or those who are simply interested in our great website designed and maintained by our member Paul Holland.

Finally, I would like to sincerely thank all my committee members for their endeavour and commitment throughout our research years – we may have been a small committee but we have achieved such a lot in the time which is a credit to all concerned.

David Paton - Chairman email

July 2021


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